When I walk a project home for the first time, I immediately start seeing opportunities that will enhance the functionality of its living spaces and give it the flow it was meant to have all along...
— Mark Eatmon (Owner/General Contractor, ROI Builders)

ROI Builders is owned and operated by Mark Eatmon, a leader in construction industry for over 30 years. He is a licensed General Contractor (CSL #882932), a C15 level licensed floor covering contractor and a C54 level licensed tile and stonework contractor.

His eye for detail is a trait that few other contractors have.  His mission is to ensure that the vision of the customer comes to fruition. Mark ensures that the customer gets not only what they want but what they need.  A home is the epicenter of our lives and he treats that reality with the utmost care.

Mark is a strong project manager.  All of the parts it takes to run a successful construction project are handled without a hitch.  Your home or space is left as tidy as possible throughout the process.  When the project is complete you will not see even a tiny scrap of the construction material out of place.  In the construction industry Mark stands out with his ability to see the project all the way to the finishing work.

ROI Builders is in very capable hands.  Mark has a great sense of design as he has designed hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms and full home remodels over the years. You can trust that our team will turn your home into a masterpiece that you will be proud of an enjoy for years to come.